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A focus on connecting with people, power, and positivity in a time where COVID impacts connections and Cancer impacts clarity.

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Oh that ANXIETY!

Yesterday I reflected on, and then wrote about, strengthening my mindset to overtake my worry about how I was going to respond to my upcoming chemo. I was feeling stronger, and a bit more in control. I had an appointment with my oncologist later in the day to check my blood count and make sureContinue reading “Oh that ANXIETY!”

Worry and Mindset

There have been plenty of opportunities for me to feel dread, worry, or fear since I had my biopsy 3 months ago. Will I be diagnosed with cancer? (yes), Will it be found in my lymph nodes? (yes), Will I feel embarrassed about my flat chest? (no), Will I need chemo? (yes), Will I haveContinue reading “Worry and Mindset”


My cancer treatment journey started with surgery on April 6th, which was also the first day of a class I had enrolled in for a doctoral program. For a moment I considered dropping the class since I didn’t know how I would respond to treatments and wasn’t sure how chemo would impact my ability toContinue reading “Celebrating”

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